August 1, 2023

UniFi OS – Dream Machines Release

September 2023


UniFi OS 3.1.16 includes the improvements and bugfixes listed below.


  • Added the console’s IP address to the touchscreen during setup.
  • Improved backup restore resiliency.
  • Improved stability of installing dependencies.
  • Improved device stability.
  • Updated the AR pattern on the touchscreen.
  • Updated integrated Access Point firmware to 6.5.64.
  • Renamed UniFi UID to UniFi Identity.


  • Fixed high CPU usage caused by Traffic Identification.
  • Fixed an issue where jumbo frames were being forwarded to LAN ports while it was disabled.
  • Fixed unable to reach the internal subnet from L2TP/Teleport VPN Clients.
  • Fixed routing table issue when both WANs are configured with the same subnet.
  • Fixed issue where QoS on WAN1 affects WAN2 traffic.