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Peregrine Networks, while our name is new our heritage and team is not. Peregrine Networks Fiber and Fixed wireless business telecommunications infrastructure goes back to the early 2000’s. Peregrine Network recently purchased the wireless infrastructure of one of New Hampshire's largest wireless telecommunication service provider called Spectra Access...the same company that started streaming the Manchester Falcon web camera in 2004 and we continue to do so today. In determining the name of our company, we listed several attributes we strive for in our company such as speed, versatility, agility, and succeeding against all odds...someone said it sounded like a Peregrine Falcon...hence our name was born! Today Peregrine Networks’ offers business class telecommunication services throughout New Hampshire, southern Maine, and northern Massachusetts via our high speed fixed 5G/WiFi 6E wireless infrastructure and/or our fiber infrastructure with a focus on solutions that simplifies today's business telecommunications needs.
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Internet Services

At Peregrine Networks we not only understand how critical connectivity is, we deliver with greater reliability and more connection options than any of our competitors.

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Voice Services

Peregrine Networks has mastered digital voice services which provide your business with reliable voice capabilities and common business features for far less than traditional telephony.

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Professional Services

Our professional team is your best choice for engineering, testing, and deploying wireless services whether inside your business or between one or more remote locations.

The Regions Only True Business Class Telecommunications Provider
We Understand Business Data Needs

Peregrine Networks provides advanced Voice, Data and Structured cabling services to the business community. Utilizing both traditional fiber, as well as advanced, carrier class wireless 5G/WiFi 6E equipment, Peregrine Networks technology provides business class connections via wireless, physical connections. With Wireless speeds up to 2Gbps & fiber speeds up to 10Gbps, Peregrine Networks delivers flexible, low-cost alternatives to expensive cable TV or telephone company circuits. Peregrine Networks can install wireless services much quicker than traditional communications companies while maintaining a much lower cost structure and rapid troubleshooting times via our state-of-the-art & in-house developed monitoring systems.

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