November 8, 2012

Live Peregrine Falcon Webcam

The Manchester Peregrine Falcon Live Webcam started back in 2004 when live video on the Internet was unheard of! As collaboration between Spectra Access and the New Hampshire Audubon we designed and implemented a system that, by today’s standards, would be crude, but in 2004 was revolutionary!

Spectra Access network was purchased by Genuity Networks in 2018 and with the Manchester Peregrine Falcon webcam known throughout the world and loved by many both locally and internationally, it was the inspiration for the name of our company Peregrine Networks 

Youtube has ranked the Manchester Peregrine Falcon live webcams as one of the top Falcon webcams in the world, all of which is running over Peregrine Networks infrastructure.  

Today the cameras are enjoyed by many watch the life of wild Peregrine Falcons. During nesting season (Late March to Early July) many schools locally and far away use the camera’s as research projects for their students. 

If you enjoy watching the cameras, please support the NH Audubon. 


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