November 1, 2012


Peregrine Networks provides advanced Voice, Data and Structured cabling services to the business community. Utilizing both traditional cable, as well as advanced, carrier class 5G equipment, Peregrine Networks technology provides business class connections with or without the use of a physical connection making any location a good fit for us. With Wireless speeds up to 100 Mbps, Peregrine Networks delivers flexible, low cost alternatives to expensive fiber and leased copper circuits. With no dependence upon the local telephone infrastructure, Peregrine Networks is able to install services within days, rather than weeks while maintaining a much lower cost structure and rapid troubleshooting times for our customers with our state of the art software.

Company Vision: We Understand Business Needs

In today’s world, it is imperative that you have a problem-free data communications network that can expand with your business, a robust high-speed connection to the Internet, security for its critical data, and database expertise for the most important applications on its network. We are the vendor of choice for bridging the ever-widening gap between advancing technology and any company striving to harness such technology for growth and competitive advantage. Peregrine Networks will ensure the success of business owners and information technology (IT) professionals by adopting and deploying the most advanced network technologies and services.

As a service company, we are dedicated to building trust and long-term relationships. Our most important assets are our customers and employees, and Peregrine Networks’s intent is to make every individual benefit from our commitment. Peregrine Networks aims to be the “Best in Class” telecommunications provider.

With an average of twenty-five plus (+25) years experience in the networking industry, the members of the founding team at Peregrine Networks are well known and respected by their peers and within the telecommunications community.