November 5, 2012

Voice Services

Digital Voice

Peregrine Networks has mastered digital voice services which provide your business with reliable voice capabilities and common business features for far less than traditional telephony. Designed with the small to medium size business in mind, our digital voice solution is a great option when looking to simplify billing and consolidate data, Internet, and voice services onto one bill.

Our voice solutions are 100% compatible with existing equipment, so changing over to Peregrine Networks’s Digital Voice is simple and completely hassle free. You even get to keep your existing telephone numbers.

Digital Voice includes:

Unlimited incoming & outgoing calls*: For your flat fee you have unlimited calling within continental United States. Low International rates are available on a country by country basis.

Caller ID Name and Number: Always know who’s calling before you answer the phone!

Outgoing Caller ID Blocking: blocks out caller ID information on an outgoing phone call(s)

Transfer incoming calls: Provides inbound calls to be sent to another number so that you never miss a call when out of the office. Plus, once an inbound call is transferred, your line frees up to take another call.

Three-Way Calling: Need to set up a simple, easy three party conference call? This convenient feature allows you to have a conference call with two other parties at different phone numbers. You can initiate calls to both parties or add another party to an established call.

Call Return: Couldn’t get to the phone in time? You can automatically dial the last caller’s number. Simply pick up the receiver, listen for dial tone and press *69 to dial back to the last caller that tried to reach you.

Business Line Hunting Feature:  A business can have up to 16 lines in one hunt group or up to four smaller hunt groups that add up to 16 lines per system.

Support for Number Portability: Allows you to keep the number you have making the switch over to Digital a simple process.

E911 Calling:  Your business will be routed to the local PSAP and your location information will be provided to the 911 operator.

Remote Maintenance & Monitoring Included:  Monitoring, maintenance and programming is handled by Peregrine Networks ensuring your voice services are available at all times.

Online Account Management: Securely manage your account from anywhere online. Provides you with the ability to view your incoming and outgoing calls, voice messages, change incoming & call forwarding rules, and much more.

Optional Digital Voice Features

Digital Fax Services: Provides the ability to receive faxes via email attachment or existing fax machines.

Extended Office: Allows you to use your computer or other VoIP equipment to answer calls whether at the office or at another location such as home.

Voicemail Accounts: Voicemail not only records calls but converts those calls into email attachments that can be played from anywhere you have email access. So you never miss a call or an opportunity.

800 Numbers**: Toll-free number service allows callers to phone you for no charge regardless of their location inside the US or your location worldwide.

Virtual Numbers: A Virtual Phone Number is a second number that when called, rings to a primary Digital Voice line. Virtual Phone Numbers can be from most area codes in the U.S., thereby providing enormous savings to people phoning you from that selected area code. A Virtual Phone Number essentially eliminates long-distance toll charges for anyone calling within that number.

*Unlimited calls within continental United States. Low International rates are available on a country by country basis. Call centers are excluded from this offer. **LD charges apply for 800 numbers.