November 5, 2012

Ethernet Services

Ethernet services link your local and/or regional offices using an established and familiar technology that is used in your existing LAN today. This flexibility allows you to connect remote offices as easily as connecting Ethernet devices in your LAN.  With Peregrine Networks Ethernet you can take advantage of using existing Ethernet technology to interconnect circuits eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment.

Our Ethernet can be configured as a point to point connection or in a multipoint to multipoint configuration. Benefits of Peregrine Networks Ethernet are:

  • Standard 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Interface
  • 7×24 Proactive Network Monitoring & Fault Detection.
  • Customer Usage Charts via Web browser.
  • Greater reliability then DSL or Cable.
  • Higher bandwidth verses traditional T1 or DS3 circuits.
  • More cost effective then a T1/DS3.
  • Fast Installation (days instead of weeks).
  • No hidden (made up) fees or tariffs.
  • True Broadband Alternative to the Telephone and Cable company