September 7, 2022

Caller Name (CNAM)

Limitations of CNAM

Peregrine Networks is able to assign CNAM storage values to each number individually and most North American numbers support CNAM. However, there are some limitations that should be noted:

  • The associated outbound caller ID number must be a geographic number.
  • Toll-free numbers are not supported. When the outbound caller ID is set to a toll-free number, only the number will be displayed.
  • The maximum for the text string is 15 characters (including spaces).
  • Special characters are not supported.
  • CNAM support is contingent upon the called party’s provider supporting this service (wireless, wire-line, or VoIP).
  • When the outbound caller ID is set to Blocked, the call recipient will see UNKNOWN or ANONYMOUS as the caller ID/caller name.
  • Since CNAM display is the responsibility of the terminating carrier (number being called), that terminating carrier must support CNAM functionality and routinely draw the latest information from the CNAM Database.
  • The CNAM is passed to the terminating provider in the SIP Header info and presented to the called party if it’s supported by their provider. Some legacy switches may not have this capability.