August 1, 2023

UniFi Access Point 6.6.65


  • [Gen6] Improved reported client RSSI accuracy.


  • [Gen2/Gen3/Gen6] Fixed newly applied WiFi Speed Limit not taking effect until client reconnects.
  • [Gen4/Gen5/Gen6] Fixed kernel crashes to improve stability.
  • [Gen4/Gen5] Fixed client connection channel width being reported incorrectly as 20MHz after a client reassociates to the AP.
  • [Gen4/Gen5] Fixed 2.4GHz broadcasting at 20MHz when configured for 40MHz.
  • [Gen4/U6-Lite] Fixed 2.4GHz connectivity issues with some IoT clients (e.g. Netatmo cameras).
  • [Gen6] Fixed TX Retries being reported incorrectly. This was introduced in 6.6.60.