August 1, 2023

UniFi Access Point Release

July 2023

Version: 6.5.64


UniFi Access Point 6.5.64 includes the improvements and bugfixes listed below. It’s only available for Gen4 and Gen5 Access Points.


  • [Gen6] Improved firmware update resiliency.


  • Fixed incorrect neighbor reports after an RF Scan.
  • [Gen2] Fixed the rare condition of low 5GHz throughput and high latency affecting certain APs (`TX OVERFLOW` in logs).
  • [Gen2] Fixed high CPU usage when a lot of unauthorized guests are connected to a guest WLAN.
  • [Gen2] Fixed 40MHz channel width not being applied correctly to 2.4GHz radio.
  • [Gen4/Gen5] Fixed auth failing intermittently on WPA-Enterprise WLAN when PMKSA caching is disabled.
  • [Gen4/Gen5/Gen6] Fixed kernel crashes to improve overall stability.
  • [Gen6] Fixed Multicast Enhancement not working. This affects IPTV and other multicast-heavy traffic operations.
  • [U6+/U6LR+] Fixed custom transmit power settings not being applied correctly.