September 25, 2023

UniFi Network Application

Important Notes

UniFi Network Application 8.1.127


  • Added Tunnel IP to Route-Based IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs.
  • Added Dynamic option to Remote Networks for Route-Based IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs.
  • Use this option to dynamically learn routes over the VPN via OSPF.
  • Added option to disable DHCP Ping Conflict Detection on virtual networks. Requires a UniFi (Cloud) Gateway with version 4.0.1 or newer. 
  • Pings are sent by default to determine if DHCP leased IP addresses are in use before allocation.
  • Optionally disable Ping Conflict Detection if DHCP allocation delays are encountered on large networks.
  • For smaller networks, it is recommended to keep Ping Conflict Detection enabled to prevent conflicts.
  • Added validation for IPv6 default static routes.
  • Improved application startup resiliency.
  • Improved user experience when changing WiFi Encryption settings.
  • Improved Device image loading.
  • Improved the user experience for configuring UBB and UBB-XG devices.
  • Improved U-LTE device registration.
  • Force auto Prefix Delegation ID for Gateways.
  • Prevent additional Network Isolation (ACL) entries if ACL rules limit is reached.
  • Prevent selecting L3 Switch networks for OSPF.
  • Renamed the Additional Routes option to Remote Client Networks for clients added to WireGuard Servers.
  • Improved validation of Remote Client Networks for WireGuard Server clients.
  • Prevent WireGuard Server subnet from overlapping with Remote Client Networks.


  • Improved Firewall Rules user experience by enhancing visibility.
  • Predefined Rules now open in side panel.
  • Predefined Rules now show additional details such as ports, states, subnets and other criteria that is matched on.
  • Updated predefined Firewall Rule names.
  • Added descriptions to predefined Firewall Rules in side panel.
  • Improved user experience when configuring Traffic Rule directions.


  • Fixed an issue where the Traffic Rules table is not updated after deleting a rule.
  • Fixed an issue where the ISP name was not updated after disabling a WAN port.
  • Fixed an issue where speed test results were showing undefined speeds in rare cases.
  • Fixed Fallback toggle for Policy-Based Routes not working as intended.
  • Fixed misplaced description labels on the Topology page when using the Safari browser.
  • Fixed the inability to edit Firewall Rules after re-ordering them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Voucher Printing option did not open.
  • Fixed an issue where Speed Limit data was lost when pausing/resuming Traffic Rules.
  • Fixed rare gateway configuration errors.
  • Fixed Radar Detections not appearing in System Logs.
  • Fixed the inability to adopt USP-Plug/Strip in rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Stripe Payment in Hotspot Portal failed.
  • Fixed missing Up Pkts on the Clients Page.