February 5, 2024

UniFi Switch Firmware 7.0.50


UniFi Switch 7.0.50 includes the improvement and bugfixes listed below. This update is for UniFi switches only.


  • [USW-Pro-Max] Improved latency for configuring Etherlighting modes. 


  • [USW-Pro-Max] Fixed an issue that caused the memory usage to increase slowly over time.
  • [USW-Pro-Aggregation] Fixed an issue where the switch stops passing Inter-VLAN traffic under heavy load.
  • [USW-Pro-Aggregation] Fixed an issue where provisioning changes take longer when disabling Loop Protection on Aggregrated ports.

Additional information

  • Your device built-in display may turn black or unresponsive for ~10 minutes after firmware upgrades to upgrade Touchscreen firmware.
  • Your device’s Etherlighting ports may turn off for ~5 minutes after firmware upgrades to upgrade the Etherlighting firmware.