November 1, 2012



I would like to thank your company for being unbelievably responsive in a true business crisis. When Newforma was forced to relocate our corporate headquarters to temporary office space due to flooding at our Jefferson Mill location, your ability to provide a high-bandwidth data circuit within hours of our request was simply amazing. I am please to report that the Peregrine Networks circuit has been stable and robust to date, which is absolutely critical to our success as a company.

Ian Howell,


Upon moving our operations to Manchester we contracted with Peregrine Networks  for internet access. Our experience with Peregrine Networks has been extremely positive. We have experienced a high level of uptime and could not expect any better support.

Michael Hogan, President
Peruse Software, Inc. [/quote]


I want to personally thank Peregrine Networks for doing such a great job. Over the past several months, your support has been remarkable. Peregrine Networks is a quality orientated, customer oriented company. I have seldom, if ever worked with someone so diligent and customer orientated.

J. Patrick Dulany, COO/General Counsel
Infusion Solutions, Inc.[/quote]