November 1, 2012



In today’s digital world, being connected with a cord limits your freedom. Peregrine Networks provides fixed broadband services that are completely secured connections. Connections allow you to get telecommunications services you need, when and where you need it.

No more waiting for cables to be pulled to your location, no more waiting for available facilities, or for technicians to rewire a circuit if a repair is needed.  You’ll never have the inconvenience of outages due to line failures from weather, downed telephone poles, dug up circuits, or other mishaps that can affect physical copper/fiber loops!  The world all around you is primarily wireless and the time has come to free yourself from the ever-increasing fees and limited choices of land lines.


Peregrine Networks provides services in the following towns and surrounding areas. Coverage maps are based on topological views so other factors might affect availability such as line of sight and or foliage, but we always provide free site surveys to confirm actual availability.

Please note: Maps represents services from 10Mbps to 30Mbps. All services and/or speeds may not be available in coverages locations depicted on map. Please consult a Peregrine Networks representative for further information. Speeds to 100Mbps are available but require an engineering feasibility study on a case by case basis.

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