November 6, 2012

Email Support

Special Email Note:

Lately, customer have been finding their automatic responses are being reported as spam or blocked. These “auto-responders” respond indiscriminately to forged and legitimate email. Spam and virus messages are almost invariably forged so as to appear to be “from” an unrelated third party. When an auto-responder receives one of these forged messages, they in turn send misdirected mail. Because of this, they become spam sources themselves and are the subject of blockades. There are several types of email, detailed below, which we refer to generally as “autoresponders”.

Peregrine Networks therefore recommends that you do not use an autoreponse while on vacation. Inform your normal corespondents of your absence before you depart or let a co-worker answer your email in your absence.

Email Services

Peregrine Networks’s current email system supports POP and SMTP transport protocols. If you are having problems with email make sure your email client is setup with the following information:
POP3: Port: 110
IMAP (if not using POP3): Port: 143
Account: [username]@[domain]
Password: Email Password
Incoming server authentication method POP3/IMAP: None

SMTP: Port: 25
Account: [username]@[domain]
Password: Email Password

Email Authorization

For our customers who travel, Peregrine Networks has set up a special SMTP system that will let you send email regardless of where you are connecting into the Internet. This requires that you have an email account set up with Peregrine Networks. You will also need to setup your email client for SMTP authentication (please refer to your email client documentation for setup instructions):

IMAP (if not using POP3): Port: 143
Account: [username]@[domain]

Outgoing server authentication method SMTP: Password Only TLS/SSL: Not Used

iPhone Setup:


SPAM Database Check

Peregrine Networks checks the IP address of incoming senders email IP address against a spammer databases which helps to eliminate unwanted and unrequested emails saving you time and bandwidth.

Email Web Interface

POP3 Users: You will only see email that has not been download by your email client. For example you can log on from home to see your email as long as your work computer is not on and running an email client that at scheduled intervals downloads your email.

WebMail Login
WebMail Company Administration

Web Admin User guide (Download PDF)

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