After Another Historical Storm, Peregrine’s Network remains 100% Operational!

On August 28th 2011,  tropical storm Irene rolled through New England and while not as damaging as many initially feared, the storm produce quite a bit of damage in New Hampshire. At it’s peak Public Service of New Hamsphire (PSNH) had over 125,000 customers (residents/business) without power along with countless reports from both Comcast and Fairpoint indicating service outages to their residential and business customers. Worst, no land-line telecommunications company can even begin to repair lines on utility poles until the power company restores services first! It’s in these events that Spectra’s network really shines as our infrastructure remained 100% operational through the entire storm; yet again a true testament to the benefits of wireless technology!

Since the only technology in our network is the radio at our customers location and the radio at the cell tower location we don’t have to worry about lines being taken down. We’ve had several signficant storms over the last several years as shown in a chart from PSNH yet in each and every storm Spectra’s infrastructure remain fully operational!

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