And Yet Another “Once in a Century” Storms!

Once again New Hampshire experienced yet another “1 in 100 years” storm that has caused havoc on both the electrical and telecommunications infrastructure that runs over electrical/fiber lines. Yet again this stormed further proved out Peregrine Networks strength and design concept as our 100% owned and 100% maintained wireless infrastructure remained fully intact!  Sure we battled the generator game with some generators not wanting to automatically start, but our field technicians responded quickly and most of Peregrine Networks customers notice minimal (if any) interruptions in service.  As of this blog 4 days into the power outage I wonder if Comcast, Fairpoint, or any other telecommunications provider can say their customers only had minimal interruptions?!?!

Now that we’ve had 3 “Storm of the Century” in the past three (3) years, does that mean we are finally safe for the next 300 years? I bet I’m not the only one thinking no, so why take that chance with your telecommunications services?!/psnh/media/slideshow?