How We Mount our Antennas

Easily one of the top questions we get from customers who purchases our services is wanting to know how the antenna will be mounted. Many customers are worried that the system will be an eyesore on their building and we are very consciousnesses of that.

First the antennas we use are fairly small ranging from 4″ to 12″ in size depending on the application. Put into the mix that the antenna will be 20+ feet off of the ground and a persons perception of the unit greatly diminishes. We have found in practically every install that employees of a business never notice the new antenna located on the building. Second our techs always look for the best location to place the antenna while making sure it draws as little attention as possible and we always inform the customer and/or building managment of where the antenna will be place before any work is begun.

As for the installation most of install consist of 2 methods. The first method is using a pole mount system that mounts to the side of the building or an existing structure on the roof such as a utility shed or HAVC system:

The second method is to use a non-penetrating roof mount which is approximately 40” W, x 40” L, x 1” H, square base which enables the unit to stay in place using 4 to 8, 18” cinder blocks weighing 42 lbs each. The unit’s center has a 1 ¾” to 2” diameter pipe and a height of anywhere from 24” up to 60”, depending on site requirements. A typical 12” X 12” flat panel antenna is attached to this pipe although size of the antenna may vary depending on needs to receive/transmit a signal.

All of the above hardware rests on ½’ rubber roof pads designed for these types of applications. These pads are recognized by all membrane roof manufacturers as suitable to not void any warranties that are in place.

Regardless of what installation method we use, Peregrine Networks always works with the customer and/or building management to ensure a proper installation. We have installed systems on all types of building from historical to some of the tallest buildings in New Hampshire. Additionally Peregrine Networks is insured for up to $2 million on our installs.