Peregrine Networks Announces Expanded Wireless High-Speed Availability in Nashua and Concord, NH

ManchesterNH– January, 07, 2008—Peregrine Networks Networks, a premier provider of high-speed fixed wireless digital communications and enterprise networking services, today announced the increased availability of its high-speed wireless broadband services throughout the cities of Concord and Nashua New Hampshire. The company began expanding its advanced Wave Touch wireless broadband services into these cities last spring, and now offers immediate connectivity for business in the Concord and Nashua downtown areas.

Peregrine Networks provides a complete line of e-commerce solutions including Internet access, Web hosting, and outsourced wireless networking services. Peregrine Networks’ entry into these cities represents a true alternative to providing Internet access using a completely owned and maintained broadband fixed wireless IP network to deliver “always-on” connectivity for VoIP, video, and data.

According to Ron Dumont, Chief Executive Officer of Peregrine Networks Networks, “The Nashua and Concord build-out of our network provides immediate availability of 2, 3, 4, or 5 Mbps wireless broadband options that can be installed in a relatively short period, usually 5 to 10 days rather then the 30 to 45 days one typically gets on a telephone circuit install.   This expansion in Nashua and Concord means Peregrine Networks is providing a true third alternative to the telephone and cable company for high-speed broadband Internet connections that are quick, efficient, and at a price point lower then traditional circuits”

Like many other regions across the country, the state of New Hampshire has had limited access to true competitive high-quality Internet access that does not rely on the Telephone Company’s aging copper plant. “Peregrine Networks infrastructure is fully owned, managed, and maintained by us, thus completely eliminating the concerns many businesses have raised over the pending telephone sale in the state.” added Dumont.

About Peregrine Networks
Peregrine Networks is New Hampshire’s premier Wireless Local Exchange Carrier (WiLEC) based in Manchester, NH. Peregrine Networks provides robust and dynamic high-speed fixed broadband access solutions to the growing business community in Manchester, Nashua, Concord, and surrounding towns. Utilizing high-speed broadband fixed wireless connections, Peregrine Networks WaveTouch technology provides connections from 1 to 100 Mbps providing flexibility and cost efficient alternatives to expensive fiber or leased copper circuits.

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