Peregrine Networks’ Wireless Technology Proves Itself During Historic Ice Storm

ManchesterNH– January 1st, 2009  After going through a historic ice storm the week of December 15th, 2008 that, at it’s peak, had over 430,000 residences and businesses without power, Peregrine Networks wireless infrastructure remained 100% intact. A common question that Peregrine Networks receives is what effect does weather have on wireless signals? This storm was an excellent example of the benefits wireless systems provide over land line connections. While many last mile copper and fiber connections were down, Peregrine Networks continued to provide services to its customers with no interruption.

Peregrine Networks’ philosophy of deploying a completely wireless infrastructure from the customer to our base stations and then between each base stations was key in maintaining 100% integrity through out the ice storm. “Customers always ask us about the effects weather has on our wireless signals. As always, we tell them that the impact of quality on radio frequencies due to rain/snow is insignificant and has no practical impact on the link reliability” Ron Dumont CEO of Peregrine Networks said and went on further to say “This historical ice storm has proven that our wireless last mile connectivity solution is not only a viable alternative solution to land lines but a better solution!

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Peregrine Networks is New Hampshire’s premier Wireless Local Exchange Carrier (WiLEC) based in Manchester, NH. Peregrine Networks provides robust and dynamic high-speed fixed broadband access solutions to the growing business community in Manchester, Nashua, Concord, and surrounding towns. Utilizing high-speed broadband fixed wireless connections, Peregrine Networks WaveTouch technology provides connections from 1 to 100 Mbps providing flexibility and cost efficient alternatives to expensive fiber or leased copper circuits.

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